New Year Ceremony
Living the Life you Love; Loving the Life you Live

The turning of the year is a wonderful opportunity. It is a time to reflect, honour and celebrate the year that has gone. And it is a moment to renew our love for ourselves and for Life. And what better time to shed the skins of old unhelpful patterns, and step refreshed into the future?

In this two day workshop we will have time to dance, and talk and share.

And there will be a deep ceremony in which to surrender to something MUCH bigger than ourselves, and receive support from the mystery that lies at the heart of everything.

We will dance and workshop all through the day of Hogmanay.

And then after nightfall, we will open a ceremonial space, in which to dance and daydream and write and meditate. We will dance till beyond midnight… welcoming 2018.

And then (still deep in ceremony) we will sleep and nightdream. And in the morning, we will capture the wisdom and wildness of all our dreams and longings, and fully embrace and the potential and delight of the brand new year.

Dates and Costs

  • The workshop will be £100 (£30 deposit to secure your place)

  • £80 if paid in full by December 8th
  • workshop will begin on Hogmanay at 10.30 and will end on New Year’s Day at 4.30pm