Online Dancing | Thursday Evening | September 8th at 7pm

Thursday Evening Dance Class

Online Dance Class | September 8th at 7pm

If you are struggling financially but would like to attend this class, please contact me! I can easily give you a discount code.

We dance to a wide variety of styles of music from around the world. I feel such gratitude to the amazing musicians who support the dance!

For large parts of the class, there are no words, as you follow your own inspiration. There are instructions, which hold the theme of the class. The instructions are very permissive, allowing you to follow your own thread as well as explore the theme of the class to whatever extent it resonates for you. The themes of the classes tend to be rooted in the natural world. We are inspired by the elements, by the trees, and we follow the cycles of the moon and the seasons.

Times: Thursdays, 7pm – 8:30pm
Duration: 1.5 hours
Location: Online via Zoom
Cost: £10