Finding Freedom | Three-month Course | Starts January 5th 2021

Using Movement Medicine to Grow Self Love and Break Free from Addictive Patterns

This three-month online course is a space to invite transformation by bringing creativity into the troubled territory of addiction.

There will be group sessions, peer sessions and (optionally) one to one sessions with me. It is useful to see the course as a three-month commitment to opening the door to seeing addictive patterns as a gateway to kindness and creativity. The spaces between sessions, with peer and self-directed learning and exploring, are every bit as important as the sessions. The group will be small, 12 people maximum, to create intimacy and increase the possibility of finding friends on the path.

The dates for the Four Dance Sessions are fixed.
Tuesday 5th January 7pm – 9pm UK
Tuesday 2nd February 7pm – 9pm UK
Tuesday 2nd March 7pm – 9pm UK
Tuesday 30th March 7pm – 9pm UK
The additional coaching sessions you will arrange to work around your own diary.

I think all of us would agree that, on the face of it, addiction is horrible and damaging. But the premise of this course is that we can move away from seeing addiction as a horrible pattern of behaviour that we must stop doing! The bottom line is that addictive patterns have deep wisdom to support us, if only we learn to listen. And once we learn to listen, the patterns leave of their accord.

For reasons that are easy to guess! I have worked with many theories and plans and exercises around this topic. What I have come to realise is that once the theories and plans and routes through become too rigid I lose faith and get lost. And yet, through all the getting lost and failing and finding the ideas useless, there has been a steady thread of realisation that there is a way through. My thought is that each of us can find the way through, with enough SELF-directing and SELF-designed practice.

In my experience, dancing is one of the ways for each individual to find their own wisdom and kindness (and freedom). And sharing ideas with one another is the way to consolidate our realisations to land in genuine freedom and creativity.

Location: Online via Zoom
Cost: From £75 – Course full put please sign up to my waiting list if you are interested!

Please Note

If you are struggling financially but would like to attend this course, please contact me! I can easily give you a discount code.

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Lovely artwork by kind permission of Leticia Isabel Banegas Gomez

This three-month online course is…

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This three-month online course is…

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This three-month online course is…

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