Ceremony Work

“A ceremony is an outward sign of inward grace”

A ceremony is a moment out of ordinary time.  A single moment can be both spacious and memorable. Ceremony gives us an opportunity to distil the essence of what is important to us.  It enables us to celebrate, to mourn, to pray…..  And to welcome in the mystery.
Ceremony helps us step out of our ordinary ways of trying to make things special.  It helps us surrender to something much bigger than ourselves.

Everything is connected, and Everything is leaning towards fulfilment. Sometimes we can be trying so hard with our ‘doing’ to move towards fulfilment that we actually get in the way of the natural flow that will take us deeply into the perfect mystery.

Over the last ten years, inspired by deep ceremony work with Susannah and Ya’Acov,  I have come to trust in my own relationship with ritual. And in 2008, after two rigorous years of training with One Spirit Interfaith Foundation, I was ordained as an Interfaith Minister.

I have worked with many people to create the ceremony that is just right for them. Whether it is a baby blessing, a marriage, a funeral, a scattering of ashes, or a ceremony with a purpose that is deeply personal to you, together we choose the words, the symbolism, the gestures.  All of this helps us focus on where the deepest yearnings lie. And then, in the ceremony itself, we surrender to something that is way beyond the planning. We welcome grace and mystery and a connection with everything that is.

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Artwork with kind permission Robin Quinlivan www.etsy.com/uk/shop/RobinQuinlivan