Baby Blessings

Baby blessings are all about WELCOME.

The absolute essence of the ceremony is a huge YES to a new life.  And it is my belief that in feeling our wholehearted YES for a new life, we receive the grace to say a wholehearted YES to our own being on this earth.

There is an African proverb that says that it takes an entire village to rear a child.  I like to think that in gathering a group of loving family and friends together, we are invoking that notion of “village”.   Although those who come to the ceremony may not be in the baby’s life on a daily basis, the parents invite in the love and warmth and welcome of people to support them in the journey of parenthood.  Those of us who are parents (and I guess those of us who have parents!) know that parenting is not an easy undertaking.

In their tiny beautiful perfection, babies remind us all that life is constantly being renewed.  A baby blessing invites blessings on the baby, the family, and the village of admirers.

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