Bespoke Ceremonies

Ceremony is a powerful way to mark a transition, and to call in a new direction.

Ceremony can be a prayer of thanks. And it can be a howl of grief.

Some of the most stunning ceremonies I have been privileged to hold have arisen very organically from the lives of those who come to me.

I have held ceremonies for…

  • those who are going into hospital for surgery
  • people leaving a relationship
  • those who have been left
  • divorcing couples
  • couples who wish to renew their vows after a difficult passage in their relationship
  • couples who want to celebrate years of marriage
  • And I have held ceremonies for people whose stories are too personal to share here.

When people have come to me, what we have often done, is spend a whole day together, walking, talking, laughing and wondering about the wonders and vicissitudes of life.  Together we explore where we are right now, and how a Ceremony might be the way both to fully honour that place, and to welcome in the next step.

Artwork by kind permission of ColourWheel

Film by Joshua Davie

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