Movement Medicine: Through the Celtic Year

I am looking for a few dancing companions on the path, 8 maximum; Would you like to be one of them?

I am remembering last year’s ongoing group, and the incredible delight it evolved into. The format of a few committed dancers meeting online to dance and share, going deeper into intimacy each time was gorgeous for me. And I just love the Celtic Festivals. They offer a chance to tap into the wisdom of nature and the unfolding cycles of life.

In addition, the format of my new Finding Freedom course is also filling my heart with excitement and joy. The format is meeting to dance and share, then doing some deepening work in between.

So, mostly to support me, I want to offer something for the Celtic Festivals this year that is a bit inspired by both of those.

We will have a two-hour dance session on the evening of the Festival itself. We will also have a few tasks to do (solo and in pairs and in threes) and on Samhain we will spend a day together, to end the Celtic Year.

Does that appeal to you? If so please get in touch.


Monday, February 1st (Imbolc)

Sunday, March 20th (Spring Equinox)

Saturday, May 1st (Beltane)

Monday, June 21st (Summer Solstice)

Sunday, August 1st (Lughnasadh)

Wednesday, September 22nd (Autumn Equinox)

Sunday, October 31st (Samhain)


I haven’t fixed the times yet. I have a bit of flexibility. If you would like to join then please let me know what times would work for you (morning, afternoon or evening).


I am thinking about by donation. Also happy to do for free if that makes it possible for you.

Lughnasadh pink flower swim
Samhain fire ceremony

Testimonial from Rachel Alvarado

Thank you again for a wonderful weekend and an incredible 9 months of the ongoing group. In the first group, I remember saying that I felt pregnant and even had a feeling of morning sickness. As the group went on I had the feeling I was gestating something, and this past week I have a feeling I have given birth to something that I can now nurture. It’s been the strangest and most magical thing!  What you create with your classes and ceremonies is truly incredible, meaningful and holds such a beautiful, supportive, accepting space for us to develop and grow in. I really felt amongst kindred spirits by the end of this ongoing group, as if the group had been distilled down and the nine of us left had a core connection in the way the group has held us.

My testimonial about doing things on zoom, for those who may be dubious about it:

Doing the group on zoom was a very different experience from doing it face to face and a very valuable one in its own incredible way.  What I missed out on was all the connection with others during tea break and lunchtime chat and the feeling of not being alone in my weirdness. Sitting in a circle and feeling incredibly grateful to be in the company of other “weirdos”,  the kind of people I don’t have many of in my daily life.

What I missed in connection with others, I really gained in connection with myself in the nitty-gritty of my own life. I realise that Movement Medicine had been something I did in a hall, with a teacher and other people to dance with, and that it had little connection to my life until the next time I used it for relief a week later. Dancing on Zoom put me in a place where I fully experienced accessing this medicine in my own home, by myself, in my own daily life. Realising that I could do that any time was a bit of a revelation to me.  During the times when we closed our computers to do our own investigations, many wondrous new things happened to me. I gained the confidence and the freedom, to dance with the elements outside in raw reality, not just in my imagination in a hall. I danced outside, on the grass in my bare feet and felt the rainwater squish through the moss and between my toes. For me, this is a jump to new awesome levels with this medicine and it’s been an epiphany! By embodying my connection to the elements, I have found new parts of me that I am very happy to discover. I have learned how to do ceremony for myself instead of relying on a “wiser” person to hold my hand every step of the way. My ceremonies that I invented for myself, and what spontaneously happened in them, could never have happened if we’d been in a hall. I embodied my inner Goddess by skinny dipping in a rarely visited reservoir in the Pentlands. It was literally a connection with the elements – Fire: the sun in my face, Air: the wind in my hair, Water: the cold water surrounding my whole body, Earth: my toes in the mud. The final ceremony on Samhain I got even deeper into dancing with the elements with a real fire, under the full moon, right next to the sea. Unexpectedly and perhaps paradoxically, the zoom ongoing group turned out to be more embodied than the in-person group, who would have guessed that could happen – not me!! By exploring new frontiers herself, Catherine took us all to new frontiers, and at the end of the ongoing group, I really felt the pioneering spirit rising inside myself.