Dancing with Life

I have been dancing with life for quite a few years!  I was born in 1952.  And there have been quite a few alarms and excursions in that time. It feels worth saying that.  I have walked some quite dark and lonely paths, and know loss and grief from the inside.  And of course, in all sorts of countless ways I am blessed.

Life can be a profound joy. And it can be a hard business. I have learned over the years that some of how I feel is my own choice.  And in times when it feels utterly beyond me to choose, I have found all sorts of wonderful people and tools to support myself not to sink into bitterness.

In these years I have been on the planet, I have studied all kinds of things, and been in service in many ways.  I have a Ph.D in the philosophy of mind, and I taught philosophy in both the USA and in Scotland. I have been an ante natal teacher. I am now lucky enough to be a celebrant.  And I work in conflict resolution and mediation. For many years I have enjoyed working as a coach, supervisor and trainer in people skills.

In 1999, I found Conscious Dance as a spiritual practice and path.   Since then, I have qualified as a teacher and facilitator in Movement Medicine.  The wisdom we can access through our bodies has woven itself into everything I do. In all of my work and study, my intention is to more fully understand myself, and our shared humanity.

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