Movement Medicine Through The Celtic Year

Catherine Celtic Ceremonies

We will use the tools of Movement Medicine and the rhythm of the Celtic Medicine Wheel to take the dance a little deeper; and to allow the wisdom and joy you experience on the dancefloor to have a deeper impact on the rest of your life.

The whole journey will consist of four workshops. And you may also choose to have one to one sessions throughout the course.

There is an invitation to complete a project of your own choosing.

The project will enable you to feel specific benefits from this deeper dive into Movement Medicine.

“Dance first! Think later!!” That might seem like very odd advice. Movement Medicine
teaches us that it is the best advice you could get. Quite simply the bigger our feelings are, the stronger
our dancer needs to be. The ‘strength’ of the Dance lies in becoming more and more aware of what is
going on for us, and more and more able to move the body to get some support for the intensity of our

“Set the body in motion and the psyche will heal itself”

Gabrielle Roth.

Movement Medicine invites us to dance deep into the experience of our own bodies. Each of us is a dancer who has wild wisdom and deep knowing! Movement Medicine keeps bringing us back to the dancing warrior who knows how to find a way. You need no prior experience, only a desire to dance.

Venue: Falkland Estate – Stretch Tent and Yurt

Imbolc January 26th – 28th
Beltane May 3rd – 5th
Lughnasadh July 25th – 27th
Samhain October 25th – 27th